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Strange & Sexy 2017

Thu, May 11 at 9:00PM

This is part of Northwest Animation Fest 2017

Tickets no longer available for this showtime.

Take a wild romp through the jungles of psyche and sexuality! This uninhibited collection of shorts plunges into the themes of lust and liberation, deviant desire and ecstatic enlightenment. Through an animator's eyes, realize the beauty of the human body — and then twist your brain around the bizarrely bawdy.

Here's some of what you'll see: Browsing a bookstore, Gwen finds herself drawn to a portfolio of kinky illustrations, and has to overcome embarrassment to make it through the checkout line. On a surreal savanna, wild hunter women and foppish men live as separate tribes, then witness the first equal couple in their history. Malcolm struggles to save his marriage after his wife discovers his deep, hidden desire to live as another species. A painter dreams vivid visual metaphors that reveal her hopes and fears about pregnancy. Love and lust can make you lose your mind... Even more so when parasitic brain slugs invade from outer space.

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