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Film Shorts: Rebirth

Series: Portland EcoFilm Festival

Four short films exploring nature's regenerative power.


When a woman is bedridden by a mysterious pathogen, a forest snail unexpectedly takes up residence on her nightstand. Together, the woman and snail share an intimate journey of survival and resilience. Their captivating and graceful explorations expand the boundaries of the bedroom. Adapted from the award-winning nonfiction memoir of the same title. Featuring the voice of Daryl Hannah. Directed by Elisabeth Tova Bailey.


The sagebrush sea is a landscape of stark beauty and captivating wildlife, yet rapid desertification and extractive industries threaten this vast basin. But at Hart Mountain National Antelope Refuge in Southeastern Oregon, a different story unfolds. New aspen explode alongside thriving creeks, migratory birds travel thousands of miles to nest in willow branches and even the endangered sage grouse seem to be recovering. This film unravels an unsettling controversy that challenged the core identity of the West and follows a team of scientists who ask the question: what happened here? At a moment when public lands are under attack, fresh water is becoming scarce and climate change demands severe action, Hart Mountain may serve as a lesson deeply needed, if we’re willing to listen. Director Trip Jennings, Producer Sara Quinn, Balance Media. Filmmakers in attendance.


Farah and her family have a tree planting tradition in memory of their daughter Ayan. Director Zach Putnam. Filmmaker in attendance.


Japanese Zen Buddhist priest Genpou Chisaka has a deep love and respect for nature and is reviving native Japanese Satoyama nature through alternative burials. Chisaka realized that throughout Japan, large areas of land were being abandoned by farmers, the local Satoyama nature was immediately replace by aggressive invasive exotic plant and animal species. So he decided to buy abandoned farmland in the heart of a rural area and to turn it into a new type of a cemetery that removes the invasive species, restores nature and buries deceased people with indigenous plantings. The burial fee is used to create a rich forest and many different habitats, a home for numerous species considered on the edge of extinction in Japan. Directed by Ran Levy-Yamamori.

Guest passes accepted.

Year 2019
Format Digital
Wheelchair accessible Yes
Assistive Listening Available
Runtime 73min


Saturday, September 28