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Mobs and Monsters

Series: Repressed Cinema

Locally produced short films from the past ten years from Portland-born Christopher Jayawardena!

Quickly rushing into the DIY indie movie scene of Portland with his first feature DOWNCAST, Christopher Jayawardena hopped into an assortment of shorts in the crime, sci-fi, fantasy, and horror genres. Along for the ride is his father, Janaka, with the two working together as a team that produce, shoot, and edit. They do this under the group moniker “Dark and Moody Productions.”  Christopher’s goal is to fill the screen with stylish color, exaggerated performances, and bursts of haunting violence, while maintaining an emphasis on story and characters to create a full experience. The result is a blend of grim atmosphere and emotional sentimentality, punctuated by action set-pieces and splashes of digital effects.

Join us for a night of Dark and Moody Productions, with the director in attendance.

The Ride Home (2011) - (7 minutes)
Poison (2014) - (18 minutes)
High Score (2017) - (22 minutes)
Repossession (2015) -  (13 minutes)
The Bird Man Who Lives Down Tarrow Lane (2012) - (25 minutes)

Guest passes accepted.

Year Various
Format Digital
Runtime 90min
Wheelchair accessible No
Assistive Listening Available


Tuesday, September 17