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Strike Commando

Series: B-Movie Bingo

He's no ordinary soldier... he's the best, most highly trained war machine in Vietnam. Maybe the best ever. Michael Ransom (Reb Brown, YOR, HUNTER FROM THE FUTURE) is a one-man STRIKE COMMANDO nothing can stop... nothing! Caught behind enemy lines, Ransom must escape the clutches of a massive Russian sadist. He's then ordered back in the jungle on a suicide mission: document Russian war involvement and liberate the Vietnamese who saved his life. From an atrocious P.O.W. camp to a ferocious battle-to-the-death, this heroic American stops at nothing to crush the betrayers of freedom. Directed by Bruno Mattei (ROBOWAR).

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Year 1987
Format Digital
Runtime 104min
Wheelchair accessible Yes
Assistive Listening Available


Tuesday, October 1