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Wheels on Reels 3

Series: Repressed Cinema

If you are a classic car fan, love speed & thrills or just enjoy rarely seen creative filmmaking on the big-screen, you will not want to miss this third installment of local film collector Ian Sundahl's automobile related films. Ian has amassed his favorite 16mm car related short subjects in a unique program full of variety, and spanning several decades. A handful of newly acquired films appear while the bulk of the program is return favorites. Highlights of the evening include: nine minutes of outlaw speed driven adrenaline on the streets of Paris, Bruce Miller’s “442" -about a man’s love affair with his ’72 Oldsmobile hot-rod, Vintage European and American car commercials, a rare car rally film with snowy roads featuring a bevy of 1950's classic cars and home movie footage of a MG car meet from Oregon. PLUS!  Don't miss the hypnotically meditative film "How To Park Your Car"!

Underground Comix for sale in the lobby, as usual.

Format 16mm
Assistive Listening Available


Tuesday, September 19