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Hollywood at Home Recommendations

Since we can't get together for movies, the Hollywood is here to recommend some of our favorites you can catch at home.

Membership Manager Destynee Norwood (and intern Biscuit) host our latest Hollywood at Home, and they recommend a film written by, directed by, and starring the incomparable Elaine May!

Stream the recommendation here!

Mondo Trasho programmer Anthony Hudson recommends a 1986 horror film that illustrates the dangers of going outdoors! Prepare to be blown away!

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Kia Anne Gareths is an instructor at Movie Madness University, our film education program. She's got a documentary for you that is part "behind-the-scenes, making-a-movie" and part true crime!

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Our Isn't She Great series showcases women in comedy throughout the decades. Programmers Anthony Hudson and Elizabeth Teets are here to recommend a turn-of-the-millenium culture clash comedy, written by and starring Nia Vardalos!

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Our latest Signature Series, Comedy 101, was scheduled to debut in April. Instead, here is Comedy 101 programmer Sarah Mulligan Williams to recommend one of her top comedies!

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PHOENIX, OREGON was slated to release in theaters on March 20 of this year. Sadly, this wasn't meant to be, but thanks to the filmmakers and our friends at Oregon Film, we are able to bring this OregonMade film to our audiences at home!

A portion of the ticket revenue will go to support the Hollywood's mission to support local filmmakers and provide innovative film programming to our audiences.



Right before the end of the month, we're squeezing in a Feminist March pick from programmer Alison Hallett. In addition to programming the Feminist March films each year, Alison is also the Hollywood's Director of Education and Community Engagement. Her video does have a special guest, but he doesn't have much to say about the film just yet.

Stream the recommendation here!

Ted Hurliman is the programmer of our Foreign Affairs series, and is here with a heartfelt Fellini classic for our latest Hollywood at Home installment.

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Hollywood at Home: Earth Day Edition! Portland Ecofilm Festival and The Xerces Society have a Q&A discussion for you about one of the "smallest" environmental films around!

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Cinema Classics programmer Ted Hurliman is here to recommend a song-and-dance extravaganza from the Golden Age of Hollywood, starring Judy Garland and Gene Kelly!

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Rerun Theater is here to answer the age-old question: what IS the second-most popular made-for-tv horror movie from the 1970's?

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Head Programmer Dan Halsted also watches television? Who knew?

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Community programmer Anthony Hudson recommends a film you can stream at home since we can't be at the theater for Anthony's Mondo Trasho series, a dumpster dive into the gems of trash cinema. Pay close attention to the opening credits for a glimpse of Mondo Trasho patron saint, Denise Richards!

Stream the recommendation here!


Head programmer Dan Halsted and special guest, director Brian Trenchard-Smith, introduce our first "Hollywood at Home" recommendation, DEAD END DRIVE-IN! Since we can't get together for movies, the Hollywood is here to recommend some of our favorites that you can catch at home.

Find the recommendation here!