Resiliency Fund

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Support the Hollywood Theatre Resiliency Fund.

Now more than ever, the Hollywood needs your help.

On March 14, the Hollywood closed its doors to the public due to the pandemic. Nine months later (and counting), the theatre has been dark for the longest period in its history since it opened in 1926.

That’s nine months without Kung Fu Theater or the Grindhouse Film Festival (or Dan Halsted’s epic movie intros). No bright lights beaming on Carla Rossi across the Queer Horror stage. No Cinema Classics on 35mm, no 2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY on 70mm. No looking around the auditorium to see ourselves surrounded by our film community and best movie buddies.

Many of you have told us that you miss the Hollywood in ways you never imagined. You even miss simple things like the satisfaction of arriving early to claim your favorite seats. Spirited movie debates with longtime staff and volunteers in the lobby. And making new friends in that long concessions line - the wait gave us the opportunity to connect.

We all want to know that the places we love will still be here when the pandemic finally ends.

Your gift to our Resiliency Fund will help us hold our ground.

The entire theater industry is now in jeopardy. Every month that the Hollywood remains closed brings our future into question, and threatens our ability to properly care for our 94-year-old building.

The purpose of the Resiliency Fund is to help us meet ongoing core expenses during our closure, including repairs and maintenance for our historic building, rent for Movie Madness, and necessities like insurance, utilities, and wages.

Your contribution will help us cover these costs and safeguard our future. Our theatre has prevailed through the Great Depression, World War II, a massive fire in 1997, and so many other hardships. We can’t let the pandemic take the Hollywood down.

It’s bittersweet to recall the things that make the Hollywood special, but it invokes an even deeper appreciation for the many events we’ve shared with you over the years. They’re more than movies. They’re memories we all made together that we hold closely now.

We know there are more memories to be made here still.

Help us keep the Hollywood Theatre experience alive.

Every gift will truly make a difference. Click here to give to our Resiliency Fund today or make checks payable to the Hollywood Theatre, 4035 NE Sandy Blvd, Suite 212, Portland, OR 97212.

Your gifts are fully tax-deductible. The Hollywood Theatre is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit (Federal Tax ID: 93-1074861).

Donations of $150 or more will be recognized OnScreen when the theatre reopens.

Gift commitments of $500 or more may be paid in installments over a period of up to six months. Please contact Christen Fulk, Development Director, at, for more information.

Want to set up an ongoing monthly gift to benefit the Hollywood? Join our new Sprocket monthly giving circle! Like the sprockets that advance film through a movie projector, your monthly gifts provide steady and reliable support for the Hollywood Theatre. Click here to learn more.