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An Island In the Continent (Una Isla En El Continente)

Series: Portland EcoFilm Festival

An immersive, experiential trip along the 1,300 km long Peninsula of Baja California in Mexico, a mythological and magical land. In this film, the past, present and the future are interwined to create a beautiful and unique symphony of the nature, the history, and people of the Baja. 

From the astounding beauty of the prehistoric Great Mural cave paintings of Cuestra Palmerito to the modern-day development and extraction plans placed on the Sierra de la Laguna biosphere reserve, Baja California is like a symphony, but it is already missing many instruments. The symphony is still lovely but if we heard the original, we would notice that it is dying. Featuring the words and writings of poet and journalist Edmundo Lizardi. Directed by Juan Pablo Muquirray.

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A Navajo shepherdess perseveres in a rapidly vanishing way of life, despite extreme drought on the reservation. “We didn’t even go up the mountain because there’s no water,” she recounts. “Hardships are just lessons and challenges in life and you just can’t dwell on it, you have to live through it.” Directed by Katie Falkenberg.

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Year 2019
Format Digital
Runtime 96min
Wheelchair accessible Yes
Assistive Listening Available


Sunday, September 29